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As my schedule tends to fill up quickly, keep in mind that I am a low volume companion and selective with whom I choose to spend my time with.

While I prioritize longer, dinner dates, I am available for 1 hour dates.

Please note, consideration is for my time and companionship only; no other services are intended or implied.

In addition, rates are non-negotiable.


A deposit of 20% of your selected booking is required to secure our time together. Deposits can be made via Cashapp and Bitcoin. If discretion is a concern, the deposit can be sent in form of Visa gift card.

Gift cards can be sent to 


All new friends are required to fill out a booking form prior to contact regarding booking. Please understand that screening is non-negotiable and required for my safety.

If you have your own reservations regarding screening, I kindly recommend you seek another provider who does not require this.


I have a do not review policy and ask that you do not share details of time spent together. As your discretion is prioritized, please respect my request of privacy as well. Any reviews or details posted without my consent will result in termination of the relationship and any future dates.


Please enclose your donation for our time spent in an unsealed envelope and at the beginning of our date, present it to me. After doing so, please excuse yourself to the restroom to freshen up.

If we are out in public, please slip it into a gift, bag or book (I love new books, especially if a favorite of yours!).

In-date extensions - if my schedule permits - are available at 800/hr.


I understand that life happens as does the unexpected and you might need to cancel (or postpone) our date.. I request a 48hr notice for cancellation prior to our date.

Anything less than 48hr notice will require a 40% cancellation fee. 

In the event that you need to cancel, the deposit will be kept and you may apply it to a future date within 6 months.


My schedule is fairly flexible with enough time in advance of planning a date. Do keep in mind that I do not schedule any day of or pre-booked dates anytime later than 11:00p.m..  If concerned about timing of the possible date, feel free to reach out via e-mail for more specific availability.


I prefer upscale hotels (4 stars and up) when visiting you.

On the contrary, if you would prefer me to host, I do ask that you give me a 48 hour notice along with your deposit as

I will have to book us a hotel room. 


For Fly Me To You dates, I request that air fare, lodging and transportation be covered - aside from your preferred booking. A gift card for the airline of choice may be sent via email if preferred.

A deposit of 50% of the booking (including the above) is required.

Air fare will be booked by myself for discretion purposes. 


Social Date

Lunch, shopping or drinks. Available upon request.



1 hour


Meet and Greet

1 hour


Flirty Fun

1.5 hour


Relaxing Rendezvous

2 hours


Incall add an additional 200

 All listed below include public outing/activity, outfit requests are welcomed.

Cocktails and Kisses

3 hours


Dinner and Dessert

4 hours


Dinner, Movie and Dessert

up to 6 hours


Breakfast in Bed

up to 14 hours


Weekend Getaway

24 hours


Fly Me To You*

West Coast 

6 hour minimum

East Coast

14 hour minimum


for specifics on sessions I consider, inquire further

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