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sweet fantasies

With lust in your bones and desire in your eyes.. be taken so strongly or taken by surprise.

However kept to yourself you might be, almost everybody engages in some sort of fantasizing..and the pure joy of fantasies is that we can make them come to be.

There's a quote in a Playboy magazine from 1973 that reads "Nearly all of us have a fantasy world, a sort of middle kingdom of experience that lurks somewhere between our real waking-working hours and the surreal moments of our nighttime dreams. It's a place each of us goes, alone usually, sometimes to escape, sometimes to play out relationships that are beyond or behind us in real life, sometimes to practice roles for which we're ambitious, sometimes to entertain ourselves, and sometimes even to frighten ourselves."

I'm curious..what do your fantasies do for you? Do they provide an escape? Open up a space to visualize something you'd like to do? Or someone you'd like to do something to? Do you fantasize at work, wishing your time was spent doing something much more satisfying? Or maybe on the way home as you return to repeat the night before? Do they tease you a bit? Take you on a powerful wave of emotions just to bring you to the tip of your edge? Maybe even intrigue you, yet frighten you at the same time?

We all have fantasies, some we keep hidden, some we explore..

For me, I have a very vivid imagination. It lets me daydream about my life quite colorfully - romanticize it, if you will. What I love most about my imagination is that my mind runs wild when I'm playing with myself and dreaming up a new fantasy. Sure I have the common ones: the boss and the assistant in a pencil skirt with stockings on in his office, two star crossed lovers who make it a part of the mile high club, a naughty one on one yoga class, meeting a "stranger" at the bar with nothing but a long coat and my sexiest lingerie on, slipping my panties off for you to tease me at the dinner table while at a dinner, so on and so forth..

My first ever fantasy to date is a recurring dream I've had since I was younger. I picture myself in the countryside somewhere, tousled hair riding a horse bareback through the fields and back to the stables. It's raining and I'm wearing a white tank top - well it's not white anymore, more so see through. My nipples are hard and poking out from the chill of the rainfall and the motion of riding all day. There awaits a man who greets me when I get to the stable. Cowboy boots, dirty denim jeans with a white tee, and the slightest bit of sweat on his forehead from being out in the setting sun. I don't know him too well, but he has a presence strong enough where I know I want to find out more about him. The kind where you want to be taken in to the stable, your clothes ripped off of you and made love to like there's no tomorrow..and in my dream, that's exactly what happens. The rain on the roof, my soaked tank top tossed aside, the blanket on the hay and the moonlight peeking in as I feel the euphoric shivers envelop my skin..and I'll let you imagine the rest.


Ah what a dream, but a fantasy that could be reality.

My, I've gotten myself worked up and need my fingers to do something else right I'll leave you be.

In the meantime, let's be each other's sweet escape and make your fantasies our reality.

xo, Kyla



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